I Love My Job

Yeah, I know.  I’ve heard people say “I love my job” sarcastically.  I’ve probably done so too.  But not right now.  I love the beginning of a school year.  Right now, I am on day 6 with my new students.  It’s a beautiful time.  We are still getting to know each other, everyone is on their best behavior, myself and the parents included.

Additionally, I am doing some new things this year, and trying new techniques and programs is just mentally stimulating for me.  I am trying out sketchnoting as I give notes this year, and it makes me think differently about all of my notes and how I could visually represent them.  Also, I am working on setting up an EPals email exchange for my students.  This will allow them to email (with moderation) students their own age in other countries around the world.  And I am learning about, and possibly implementing Classcraft in my classroom to gamify my classroom.  I love trying out new things to see if it can help my students to become better behaved and better learners!

And, as if that weren’t enough, I am writing two grants!  Yes, two!  The first is a grant for pots and pans for teaching culture through cuisine in my classroom. The second is for the social studies department for 6 class sets of Google Cardboard viewers.  I know that winning just one of these grants would be amazing and helpful to my students, but I have really high hopes that we could win them both.

I love times like this.  My energy is high, I am enthusiastic, and I am much more patient with my students as a result.  I wish all year could be like this.  I know it won’t, that there are inevitable struggles and disappointments and tiredness.  I just hope when I get to those hard days, I can remember this beginning of school feeling.



**I know this post will publish in March, not August, but try to go with me anyhow!  Thanks**

August is MY personal New Year’s Eve. The beginning of the school year is a time for fresh beginnings, new ideas, new students, new energy and new excitement.

My district’s first in-service day is tomorrow.  I’ve already set up my computer, I’ve made my bulletin boards, I’ve arranged my students tables, chairs and desks.  I’m excited.  My room isn’t done, but I have ideas for new systems and new lessons and I am ready to help my sixth graders learn!

Not everyone shares this enthusiasm.  Teaching is a difficult job.  I know this.  It has taken a lot out of me the last two years.  However, I have noticed that the most unhappy of my coworkers all share something in common.  They are all complainers.  Now, if you have read more than one post on this blog, you know that I will complain.  However, I am talking about the habitual, consistent griping and complaining about everything.

There are a lot of things that teachers can’t control.  We have no control over which students we will teach, what abilities they will or will not have, the students and their parent’s attitudes about education, who our administrators will be, what decisions those administrators will make, what our schedule will be this year, and how, when and by whom we will be evaluated.  I understand that not having control of this many things can make someone cranky.

However, I do believe that I can still control myself.  I think I can control my attitude, and that has a huge influence on not only my inner peace, but also the atmosphere in my classroom.  So, my resolution is to not complain.  If this means that I need to spend some time away from some of my less happy co-workers, I guess I will.  I may have to not be in the workroom everyday for lunch.  I may have to change the topic of conversation during department meetings.  It will likely be uncomfortable, but I hope it will be worth it for my students and myself.